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My adventures learning how to build websites and apps in 2020 using the Jamstack architecture, auto workflows and modern build tools. Content is pre-rendered and served to a CDN and made dynamic through APIs and serverless functions.


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Chris Tham

artist, consultant, cyclist, designer, musician, photographer, world traveller.

Personal website

In 2020 I decided to learn how to create modern web sites and apps, for fun (and maybe profit?). I started by learning Javascript (ES6) and Typescript, followed by React and Gatsby. I converted my company website Hello Tham from Wordpress to Gatsby, Bulma and Netlify CMS hosted on Netlify.

I am currently learning Hugo, Next.js, MDX/Markdown, Tailwind and exploring various headless CMS. This website is written in Next.js, Tailwind, tailblocks and hosted on Vercel.

I may explore GraphQL, REST APIs and serverless functions in the near future. I am also creating a design system that I hope to publish in the short term.

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Jamstack is a modern way to build Websites and Apps that delivers better performance. Technologies in the stack include JavaScript frameworks, Static Site Generators, Headless CMSs, and CDNs.


No servers to hack into.


No infrastructure to upgrade.


Prerendered content delivered on a CDN.


Automatic build, test and deploy.


Usable on any device.


Open source development.

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