Roadmap - Future features for this site

2020-12-24Chris Tham

This is a simple roadmap highlighting future changes under consideration for this website. It will be refreshed periodically.


These are potential features for consideration, in no particular order:

  • Implement a commenting system (need to find out that’s free and privacy respecting)
  • Investigate migration to a headless CMS
  • Possibly implement design system on this site, or separate site
  • Consider migrating from Tailwind to Chakra-UI
  • Consider migrating from Tailwind to Theme-UI
  • Create Gatsby version of website
  • Implement membership functionality
  • Implement drafts and blog page, plus pagination of articles on home page
  • Rewrite sitemap and rss generation to avoid webpack configuration
  • Implement CTA for newsletter subscription
  • Promote website on Slack and Awesome
  • Decide whether to keep or remove MDX loader
  • Implement TailwindUI sample page
  • Implement MerakiUI sample page
  • Implement Notus sample page
  • Theme for syntax highlighting
  • Implement additional markdown features using remark or rehype plugins
  • Implement filtering of posts by category
  • Implement typed animation
  • Implement photo gallery

Items above that are striked out have already been implemented.

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